An important part of the mission of the Asociación Latina is to contribute resources and assistance to disadvantaged Filipinos. Money raised from events is collected in a Social Welfare Projects Fund earmarked for grants to fulfill this very purpose. The Asociación is looking to collaborate with NGOs that are experts in their fields, driving projects that empower and transform the possibilities in the lives of the most vulnerable Filipinos through grants that can provide funding for specific projects of their organizations

Applications will be accepted for project grants for Grantee Organizations that fulfill the criteria outlined below. If your organization qualifies, please fill out the following Grantee Organization Information Form so that we may send you the required forms and information when we are ready to accept application

Grantee Organization Criteria

  • The Grantee Organization must be a non-stock, non-profit domestic corporation, league, or institution organized under the laws of the Philippines and operated exclusively for social welfare purposes;
  • The Grantee Organization must have been operating in the Philippines for at least one (1) year;
  • No part of the Grantee Organization’s net income or assets shall belong, or inure to the benefit of any member, organizer, officer, or any specific person;
  • The members of the Board of Trustees/Directors of the Grantee Organization do not receive compensation or remuneration;
  • The administrative expenses of the Grantee Organization on an annual basis do not exceed thirty percent (30%) of the total expenses and of the total donations for the taxable year;
  • The Grantee Organization must have a current accreditation from the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC);
    • Books of Account for the current and past years;
    • Official Receipts;
    • Latest Audited Financial Statements;
    • Financial Policies and Procedures;
    • Annual Accomplishment Report for the last two (2) years;
    • Check Disbursement Vouchers;
    • List of Bank Accounts and corresponding signatories;
    • Program Operations Manual;
    • Original Certificate of Incorporation (including Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws);
    • Latest General Information Sheet (GIS) filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission,
    • Latest Income Tax Return and Financial Statement as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and Bureau of Internal Revenue; and
    • Proper monitoring and evaluation tools.